20 January, 2010

Item 254: Cabinet Card of Geoffrey Hawkins

Item 254 - Cabinet Card; estimated date 1884

This item was found among a number of other cabinet cards in a small box that also included letters and a few business receipts.  Hawkins appears to be holding a Saunders Æther Pistol.  The card was produced by Deakin Bro's of London who were renowned for their elaborate studio sets and backdrops, as evidenced here.  Timothy Deakin, the middle son of the three Deakin siblings, was also a well known friend and associate of Hawkins.

Cabinet cards were typically photographs mounted on card stock that measured 4 1/4 by 6 1/2 inches.  They were first introduced in London in 1866 and were especially popular during the 1880s, when this particular photograph was taken. 

CORRECTION:  The firearm Hawkins is holding is actually a Vanderzee-Deakin Æther III.  See post dated 22 January, 2010 for further details.

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